Moose Hunts

We hunt a lot of moose and have a lot of success.  Our clients have a high success rate and a great adventure hunting one of the biggest animals in North America.

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Bear Hunts

Whether you want to hunt Grizzly or Black bear, we have an amazing location that allows use to guide both.  We have lots of beautiful color phase bears, too.

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Mountain Goat

British Colombia has some amazing herds to goats.  We have successfully lead our clients on many hunts for a big billy goat.

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Our Story

Welcome to Wistaria Guiding. Three Generations of Guiding Experience and Pioneers of the area since the 1920’s. Our guiding business is a small family run business situated in the Central Northwest of Beautiful British Columbia. Our area runs along the north shore of Ootsa Lake in the southern portion, to Tahtsa Lake in the west to Francois Lake in the north. We offer moose, black & grizzly bear, mountain goat, wolf, upland birds and many lakes with great fishing. Our main camp is situated on a small lake in the hill country. Sleep in a large rustic log cabin and hunt from your front door. The cook and guides stay in the smaller log cabin where you will be treated to delicious home cooking and good conversation of hunts before. In any case we try to accommodate your personal hunting preference and have been taking hunters of all ages, young and old. If you like the isolated wilderness experience we’ve got it all. A fly-in camp nestled in a valley with pristine mountain meadows surrounded by glacier capped peaks. Hear the call of a moose in the distance or pick out your mt. goat on the slopes above. The fly-in is a remote area that sees very little hunting pressure. We only take 1 to 2 hunters a year to this area.



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